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Jan 23

Crate Training

One of the biggest concerns I discuss with dog owners is how to introduce the crate properly. The first thing that I usually find out in talking with owners is that they are conflicted about even using one. Most people still see them as a form of punishment or view them as being cruel that …

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Jan 08

Introducing Dogs To One Another

The Introduction As a trainer I am often asked, ” What is the best way to introduce dogs?” First, I usually point out that not all dogs will get along. I think most people are in disbelief when I say that! But in my opinion and in my experience, this is true. When you want …

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Dec 05

The Two Most Important Obedience Commands

The two most important commands you can teach your dog are a solid Place Command and a reliable Recall Command. Sure, all of the commands you might learn in an obedience training program are important because ultimately all of the training is helping you to communicate better with your dog. The Place and Recall commands, …

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Nov 06

Why a Raw Diet?

When I considered feeding my dogs a raw natural diet, I was just learning about such a diet from a continuing education course I took in Virginia from a world renowned pet nutritionist named Wendy Volhard. Back then I, like most people, was feeding my dogs a dry kibble, so considering a raw diet was …

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Jun 23

Child and Dog Interaction

According to the CDC, half of all children 12 years and under have been bitten by a dog. The majority of bites are from a familiar dog, with 79% of attacks being fatal. Of the fatal attacks, 87% happened while the children were unsupervised. Attacks on children are not breed specific; even small dogs like …

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May 11

Leadership for Dogs

Why is it important to provide leadership for your dog?  Dogs are pack animals and with this social structure comes the importance of knowing who’s in charge and where each dog falls into the pack hierarchy. In a wolf pack, the alpha (leader) makes all the decisions –when to hunt, when to leave the territory, …

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Apr 28

Puppy Socialization

Puppy Socialization Immediately following birth, a puppy begins to learn important rules about socialization through interaction with its mom and litter. When a puppy leaves its litter at 8 weeks of age, the next 8 weeks are a critical time as lasting memories are made. Socialization begins right away and everything the puppy experiences will …

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