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Is your puppy biting and jumping?

Is your puppy having troubles with potty training?

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8 Week Old Chocolate Labrador playing at puppy preschool near Shelby, Ohio

Would you like one on one attention for correcting these issues and more?

 While bringing home a puppy is fun and exciting, it can be a tremendous amount of work! Puppies have boundless energy and their need for constant supervision can be exhausting! From sleepless nights to chasing your puppy around your home, the first 16 weeks can be a challenge. Having a puppy with good manners can be very rewarding, however, and Dog-Gone Capable is here to help!

We offer a unique Puppy Preschool program for puppies ages 8 to 16 weeks, designed for you to feel success in overcoming all of the overwhelming obstacles of puppyhood! With one on one attention, you will begin to feel confident in handling unwanted behaviors such as biting, chewing, jumping, barking, and potty accidents. These normal behaviors can be frustrating, and Dog-Gone Capable tailors your program to you! With four 90 minute sessions over the course of four weeks, you will soon feel comfortable in guiding your puppy into adulthood, properly teaching them to learn through their environment in a positive way. All of your questions will be answered along with important topics such as leash walking, basic commands, and socializing your puppy with other people, dogs, and objects. You will receive a folder with valuable information including a puppy manual, recommendations for durable toys, and medical and healthcare information including a broad list of items that are toxic to dogs. Additionally, Puppy Preschool graduates are eligible for a 15% discount to any obedience program! Dog-Gone Capable’s knowledge of puppies and puppy development will help to make your puppy raising experience a positive and rewarding time for both you and your pup!

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13 Week Old Australian Shepard Puppy from Ashland County, Ohio

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