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Great Dane

“I’m relaxed and ready for company to visit.”

Dog-Gone Capable offers dog training that gives you the attention needed to successfully understand and overcome your dog’s unwanted behavior. We love our dogs but so many of us live every day with the frustration of not being able to really have the type of relationship with our dog that we always envisioned. Being able to comfortably walk around the neighborhood with our dog, being able to take our dog anywhere with us, being able to have company over with no fear of how our dogs will behave- dogs do not speak our language so often things become confusing for them when they are trying to figure out how to live in their new environment as only they know how. Chewing, licking, sniffing, pee marking, playing and barking are some of the ways dogs communicate and explore their environment. While this is the way dogs communicate, these typical behaviors can cause their owners a lot of stress. Dog-Gone Capable will end the confusion and stress between dog and owner with the type of training that everyone in the family can easily learn and apply to communicate to their dogs consistently.

We make sure training can be applied in real life circumstances under every day distractions that you and your dog face! In turn results happen quickly and will last your dog’s entire life!

We understand your frustrations and want to help!


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