Dog Training Programs

We’ve developed unique training programs to meet the needs of owners and the problems they are having with their dogs. Our training programs are private lessons that give the one on one attention to our clients and their dogs in order to have the lasting results and success they deserve!

Top Notch Program

Imagine if you will, a dog that listens to you! A dog that greets your company politely! A dog you can trust not to bolt into the great wilderness every time you take them outside! A dog you can enjoy and take anywhere! Sound too good to be true? This is exactly how your dog will respond after you’ve completed The Top Notch Program. This program was designed for owners who want to be able to have that ultimate freedom with their dogs to go anywhere and do anything. This is a 9 week program designed for your convenience in having a certified trainer come to you in your home, where we can make sure any problematic behavior gets addressed and replaced with the type of behavior you’ve always dreamed your dog would have! In addition, we don’t stop there, we will also be training your dog to understand how you want them to behave outside of the home; in the yard; around the neighborhood, and in public. If you’ve always wanted this type of relationship with your dog but thought it would be impossible or too hard, The Top Notch Program will prove otherwise! Sign up today and let us show you how to have this amazing experience with your dog!


Outdoor Fun Program

Do you have a high energy dog that loves to be outside? Do you wish you could enjoy taking your dog anywhere off leash outside and still have them listen to you? The ultimate freedom for a dog is to be able to run, sniff, and explore the great outdoors with the pack. This training program will enable you and your dog ( The Pack ) to do just that! This is a 6 week program that first centers training with being able to walk your dog around the neighborhood on leash. Then at home in the yard your dog will learn his/her boundaries. This will give you the ability to let your dog out to do their business or just be in the yard with you without taking off! Once you and your dog have the training down pat in your yard, we will then move the outdoor fun to public locations where we can safely teach your dog how to come off leash consistently. If you’ve always wanted to be able to exercise your dog in an off leash manner but never thought you could control them from running away, this program is for you! Let’s get started enjoying all of that outdoor fun!


Essentials Program

Picture if you will a dog who can walk on a leash with you comfortably. A dog whose manners are impeccable in the home! The Essentials Program is for dog owners who want basic outdoor on leash control and have their dog learn the indoor manners that most dogs lack. If your dog struggles with behavior inside the home where they jump on your guest, get into the trash can, steal food off the counters, and just lack the basic obedience to be a well-mannered dog then this program is exactly what you need! This is our very basic program where your training sessions will be taught at Dog-Gone Capable’s facility and then you the owner will transfer the training back into your home environment. This is a great program designed to give dog owners the essential training needed to be able to teach their dog the rules of the home!